Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Fashion Lovers!! Xx

Sunday, November 21, 2010



How is everyone? Okay, it's obviously no secret that I am obsessed with fur! (I'm totally okay with faux fur so I don't need anyone coming at me with a bucket of red paint). This winter season, I better see each and every one of you with a fur accent. I know I will be rocking my fur hat when it becomes fur-zing in Manhattan.

Fortunately, if you do not own a fur or fur-accented item, Santa is coming soon. Make sure to add these items to your list (even if you've been naughty):

1. Mossimo's Fur Neckwrap (For the girl on a budget). $24.99.

2. French Connection's Faux Fur Vest. $368.00.

3. Chanel's Small Tote (DIE for all of Chanel's fur bags). Price Upon Request.

Message me for amazing fur options. (Just watch out for anyone in a bright orange jacket:) xx


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Michael Kors - Please stop tempting me


SO SORRY I haven't updated in a little while....Life has been insane!! Where has the time gone? How is it already the middle of November? Actually, I'm thrilled because that means the Christmas season is rapidly approaching. Thank god. Everyone knows there is nothing I like more than a fashionable Christmas, complete guessed it...Michael Kors.

I mentioned my adoration for Michael Kors' advertisments once before during the fall campaign, but I think I'm even more obsessed with the winter campaign. I mean...are you joking with it? Turtlenecks. Check. Dog. Check. Snow. Check. Hot people. Check. It is pure magic, and I cannot wait to recreate these ads (probably by myself) in the coming weeks.

If you are ever looking for me, please search Central Park for the loser in a turtleneck with this ad in his hands -- asking to borrow someone's dog for a photo. EEEKSSS. Pathetic or Amazing? You decide. But at least it will make me cheery and bright! (For once:)

Stay tuned for my favorite winter picks!