Friday, April 23, 2010

Black = Life, Not Death


For those of you that do know me, you obv. know that I'm obsessed with black clothing. While some unfortunate people may think this means gothic, it most certainly does not in the fashion world.

I personally believe a black t-shirt, blazer, and jeans is the easiest way to have instant style. The absolute best part about black clothing is that the basic nature of the garment can appear designer, when it really is not at all. For example, someone could be wearing either an Armani black tee or a $5 Hanes tee, and no one would know (And yes, I wear both:)

So, for those of you that need to add that splash of non-color to your wardrobe, (this specifically goes to a specific friend that informed me of the lack of black in his wardrobe) run to the nearest Target, Macys, Banana Republic, Gap, etc. to pick up these items:


1. Black boyfriend blazer.
2. Black cardigan.
3. Black v-neck tee.
4. Black pumps (at least 3 inches).
5. Black tote bag.


1. Black blazer.
2. Black cardigan.
3. Black tee.
4. Black converse.
5. Black messenger bag.


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