Tuesday, March 30, 2010

College students: Fashionably step into that big interview

As the dreaded interview process begins for those graduating seniors, not only should resumes and profiles be created but that professional interview wardrobe should as well.

Unfortunately, whether we wish to believe it or not, dress truly is crucial in making that desirable first impression. Therefore, jeans, sneakers, sweatpants, and wrinkled shirts are not acceptable for an interview. Don't even try to wear those items.

Keep these wardrobe essentials in mind as you shop for that perfect outfit.


Two-buttoned suit. A suit is absolutely essential for any graduate school or job interview. Opt for a timeless, two-buttoned suit in either solid grey or black so it will never go out of style.
Make sure to take the suit to a tailor so it fits correctly because there is nothing worse than looking like you borrowed your friends’ suit.

While suits should be a splurge item so they will last for years, they really do come in a variety or price points to accommodate that graduate budget. Try Banana Republic, J. Crew, and, H & M for suit options.

Solid button-front shirt. A solid, button-front shirt that complements your skin tone, as well as your suit is crucial for an interview.

Make sure the shirt always is pressed, and structured to achieve the most professional look. Stop by Express or Gap for shirt options.

Black pumps. Do not even think about entering an interview in flats; therefore, every woman need s a pair of basic black pumps. Again, choosing something as timeless as possible is smart.

Make sure the heel is not too short, but also not too high. While 5.5 inch Christian Louboutins may be desirable for some people, a pair of 3 inch heels from Nine West also can be perfect for your interview.

Tote bag. A beautiful bag is necessary as you prepare for an interview because you will need something sophisticated to carry that resume and portfolio.

Again, a timeless tote bag should be a splurge item so it will last for years. However, beautiful and affordable bags also can be found at Target, Banana Republic, and Kohls.


Two-buttoned suit. Just like the women, a two-buttoned, classic suit in black, navy, or grey is necessary for any man. Just make sure the suit is tailored to fit perfectly.

The best part about a suit is you can mix and match it, and pair the blazer with jeans or the pants with a polo for a casual look. Try Banana Republic, Bacrach, or Boston Store for suit options.

White button-front shirt. Every man needs a basic white button-front shirt for a classic, sophisticated look. Again, just make sure it is as crisp as possible, and pair it with your favorite color tie for the interview.

Dress Shoes. Just like the above items, a perfect interview outfit cannot be complete without classic dress shoes. Opt for a more rounded-toe shoe for the classic, timeless look.

Also, make sure your belt always matches your shoes, and your socks match your pants.

Johnston & Murphy, Calvin Klein, and even Target have great dress shoe options.

Keeping the above fashion tips in mind will definitely impress an interviewer as you take that stylish step forward in life.



  1. Another tip for job-seeking grads: Check out the business the day before the interview. Sit in the parking lot or a nearby coffee shop where you can see the workforce entering at the beginning of the day or exiting at the end. You'll see the range of styles everyone wears, the shoot for somewhere in the upper half.