Sunday, September 19, 2010

Live Vicariously Through Michael Kors


I love Michael Kors. I love fall. I love scarves. I love jackets. Given these glorious short sentences, please let me know if the following sentence makes me insane:

I have pictures of Michael Kors' Fall 2010 ad campaign saved in my phone to use as my fall inspiration.

Am I too much??

I honestly am obsessed with this campaign. I don't know if it's the good looking people, the fur, the jackets, the scarves, the color, the leaves, the lattes, etc....but I LOVE -- and am living vicariously through the campaign this fall. Yes, I do plan on having my roommates (You guys better be reading this) take photos of me in Central Park as I frolick through the leaves. No Joke. Stay tuned. The end.

- B.

P.S. I better see all of you taking hints from this campaign as well;)

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